Stallion Services may accept stallions to stand at stud for all or part of the breeding season. As with other stock arriving to stay, he must have all vaccinations plus deworming up to date, a negative coggins and a negative test for Equine Viral Arteritis. Additionally, your stallion will need to have acceptable fresh seminal parameters which includes a seminal culture and 48 hour cooled semen motility evaluation performed by our lab prior to the regular breeding season. We maintain an ovariectomized mare for those stallions not trained to mount a phantom (artificial) mare.

Selling breedings to your stallion is up to you since you know your stallion the best. Once breedings are sold, you can either call or fax us the names of the clients to whom we are allowed to ship semen and we will take care of all management procedures from that point. If any of your clients would like to bring a mare to Stallion Services instead of using shipped semen, those clients will receive preferential treatment for stall availability.  Two payment options are available. 1. Charges for stallion collections can be billed to you. This method is less expensive and allows you to bill your mare owners. 2. We can receive payment for the cost of the collection and shipping via credit card or check in advance from your client.  The cost is less if a client provides their own Equitainer or picks up the Equitainer at our lab.

Some general information that you may want to include in your service contract is the following: At least 24 hours notice is necessary for a collection. For instance, one must call today for a collection tomorrow. For busy stallions we will restrict collections to Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This allows the stallion not to be overused by daily collections and lets mare owners have a more structured ordering system. If your client requests counter to counter delivery via airline there will be an airport courier fee in addition to shipping costs. You should also request a current negative uterine culture on each mare to whom semen will be shipped.

Mare owners wishing to send their mares to your stallion while he is standing at Stallion Services will be sent an arrival packet which includes a mare history form and boarding/services contract. Mares should be booked as far in advance as possible. Resident mares are teased daily, turned out daily and kept groomed. We have standing Veterinary appointments scheduled 4 days a week or as necessary and veterinary costs are billed directly to the client. Prior to departure, any balances with Stallion Services or Dr. Noreen Neary must be paid in full.

Stallions are turned out daily for exercise, kept bathed, groomed and clipped. We are happy to present your stallion to prospective clients on an appointment basis.

Please note that Stallion Services does not own or lease any stallion. Additionally, we do not broker breedings for any stallion. 

Stallion Rate Sheet