This scheduling is for clients within driving distance of our laboratory. They may wish to stable their stallions at home but trailer to our lab as necessary for a seminal collection.

Scheduling your stallion for a seminal collection is easy! During the breeding season, from February 15 until September 1, you can schedule your stallion for a collection during business hours 6 days a week (closed Sunday). Scheduling your appointment at least 24 hours in advance will insure we can fit you into the next day's schedule.

Fresh cooled semen must be shipped for overnight or same day delivery. FedEx shipping guarantees overnight delivery, however shipping is restricted from Monday through Friday. For same day delivery or weekends, shipping is counter to counter via airline. We are happy to mail or transport Equitainers for you. Please refer to the rate sheets for pricing.

If your stallion has never serviced a mare or been artificially collected, we require a test collection prior to an appointment for shipment. Remember to have your veterinarian test your stallion for Equine Viral Arteritis prior to using our services. Your stallion must also have a negative Coggin's and all vaccinations current. We look forward to working with you !!


Stallion Rate Sheet