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We have found GeoTextiles to be useful in controlling the mud associated with  Ohio's damper seasons.  Placed upon a 2-3" layer of sand and then covered with aggregate (usually 304 limestone then topped with #9 washed limestone) the non-woven types are great.  It is a real treat  to see the stone you lay down stick around instead of becoming one with the  mud.  Especially nice in front of run-in sheds, gate openings and asileways.  We  have used "Propex 4552".  It is 15 feet wide by 300+ feet long. Cost fluctuates with the price of crude oil - either side of $300.00 per roll..  Weighs a little bit but one strong person can  manhandle a roll, after a fashion.  See PS Construction Fabrics in Wadsworth  and now Berea, OH.

Babies born in cold months are a fact of life in the breeding business.  Good blankets go a long way to help them stay warm and healthy.  A really nice blanket is the Foal SnuggyII available from Norman Equine Designs.  The 'Foal Saver' from Schneider's is another really nice blanket.    A great facility just 12 miles away. Disclosure: Neil worked there.